About The Dove & The Owl

The first thing to know about The Dove & The Owl is that it is a blog about the philosophical belief systems which inform American politics. The first thing to know, here, is not the most important thing to know though. The most important thing to know is that this blog approaches the philosophies which determine or which ought to determine American politics from a Christian perspective.

Today, Christians live in increasing tension with America. The secularization of every aspect of American communal life has begun to make us feel like unwelcome strangers in the land in which our ancestors covenanted to protect the right of every human being to exercise freely—and this “freely” means in public, too—his/her sincerely held religious beliefs. Many Christians, standing on the words of the Apostle Paul to the church at Philippi, believe that since we are not citizens of this world, we ought not to participate in its government. My aim is not to convince Christians to participate in politics, nor is it to convince them to abstain. We who have received Christ have received His Holy Spirit, and each of us must look for His leading in his/her own heart. My aim in creating this blog is to be of what assistance I can to any Christian who feels led to gain understanding about the world or any person who is interested in listening.